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You can keep just Bettas in your tank but after a certain time that tank will become boring and then you need to add other fishes in the tank to cheer up both you and your Betta. But the truth with Bettas is you can put other fishes with them but not just any old fish will work with them.

So, here is the list of 10 tankmates for your Bettas to help you decide for yourself what to get:


What fish does not go well with the Cardinal Tetras? As long as it is a fish that fits the cardinal in their mouth, they can pretty much go with anything. 


This is an absolutely gorgeous looking fish with the striking red and blue and neon stripe going all the way down. They are perfect tankmates for Bettas because they won't do anything to hurt Betta or even pick at its fin. It is also common to see Cardinals with Bettas because you will usually find them in the smaller tanks; cardinals are tiny fish and they can fit in almost any tank. 


Cardinal Tetras are schooling fish though, just like a lot of fish that you are going to see in this list. Don't get one, keep them in a group of 5-6 to keep them super happy.



Harlequin Rasboras have a supercool T-bone shape mark on their side which makes them really easy to identify plus they can get along with pretty much anything. They are super hardy and get perfectly with your Bettas.


This is another schooling fish that doesn't get huge but you want to have them in at least a 20-gallon tank.


Corydoras are another small member of the catfish family, they are super cool and they won't bother anyone and they won't bother your bettas either. 


These are, for the most part, super active little fish who will do a great job scavenging around looking for food which means yes! they are another fish that will help keep things tidy and that is always nice.


Some Corydoras like to be in small groups though. So, make sure you do proper research before you go and pick them up. It is always cool to watch them interact as a school too, they all will be at the bottom of the tank and will do all the work in a group.


If you have got a smaller tank like a 10-gallon, go with Panda Corys, but you wouldn't want to put the other one in there because they can get almost 4-inches in size. But the most important thing about them is that they go very well with your Bettas.


Most of the Betta tank s are going to be small, some time even 5-gallon. One of the most common questions is what can I put in my 5-gallon tank o help with algae control and help keep the tank clean. Well, you obviously cannot put larger Plecos, so what do you do?

Well, this is where snails come in, if you have never kept snails, then you might be thinking that snails are a little boring. Yes, they are not going to provide tons of actions and movements in the tank, but they are anything but boring.


Snails come in tons of different variety and some of them are really unique and even though they don't move very fast they still provide visually interesting in every tank. If you are looking to put some snails in a smaller tank say 5-gallon look for the snails that will stay smaller. 

If you have got Betta is a larger tank and want bigger snails, then look for the mystery snails or Assassin snails, be careful because they might eat up the smaller snails.



Neon Tetras are very similar to Cardinal Tetras. These are a staple fish in the hobby. This is another super tight schooling fish that won't take up any room, won't create a huge bioload on the tank, and won't bother your Betta.

This is another great fish for Betta keepers who want to add some movement in the tank. You can easily throw 5-6 Neons in a 5-gallon tank with you Betta and they will be perfectly fine.


It might surprise you but sometimes the Betta might school up with the Neons and they hang out together. It makes the Betta really happy. You can find neon Tetra anywhere, so if you have got a medium-size tank grab a dozen or so of these little guys an watch them fly around all over the tank.



These are super cool alien looking fish that will patrol all over the place look for something all the time. These re nice little catfish that have never been known to bother any other fish, they will help in keeping things tidy around your tank and it will be no problem for your Betta. 


The biggest thing to mention when it comes to plecos is that these are not fish that will keep you tank clean to a point where you need to do any maintenance. Yes, they'll pick up little things and some of them will help with algae control but they re not going to prevent you from doing your routine maintenance.



Ottocynclis is everyone's dream fish. Everyone is looking for a fish that can go in smaller tanks that won't hurt the other fishes won't hurt other fishes in the tank and help in cleaning algae. Well, this just describes Ottocynclis.

Ottocynclis are great little algae eating fish and do really good in group and tank 10-gallon and larger. They will help in cleaning algae off your decoration, plants, and even the glass. 


The only thing to the warning is if you buy 5-6 of them and put them in a 20-gallon tank with Bettas, neons, and other fish; they will clean up the algae really quickly. People automatically think that if their tank is clean it is great, the Ottocynclis are doing their job.

But it could be that they have done their job and ran out, now they are starving. The point is fed your Ottocynclis, give them some algae wafers and they will keep your betta tank nice and tidy.


Kuhli Loaches sare one of the most fascinating little worm fish that you will see in this hobby, they stay pretty small, they are non-aggressive and well, they look like little worms.


This is a super easy fish to keep, but there is a downside and that is you are gonna put them in your tank and they will disappear. But these are awesome little fish that you can find anywhere, just remember that they are very shy and skittish, so you would not see them all that much but buy a group of them and you might have a better chance.


If you are a beginner and you are still learning the rope and you are nervous about adding more fish, well here is the perfect fish for you. Go, get some Patay or Molly, they are super cute, they don't get huge and the best part is that ae super hardy, so they will be great while you are still learning all of this. 


They will also be great tankmates for your bettas and won't try to mess with them. Platy or Mollies don't care about being in a school either. So, you can just buy one or 2 and they will be perfectly happy. The only thing to be cautious about is they are livebearers and they are constantly poping out new babies. If you have a small tank then either get just male or just females.


These fishes are available in tons of different colors and patterns, easy to find, and super cheap. so, if you want to give your Bettas some company grab a few of these and put them in with you Bettas. They all will go along just fine.


This fish is a gift to the fishkeepers everywhere. They are one of the coolest schooling fish in the entire hobby. This is an awesome tetra that would not get huge and would not bother any other fish in your tank, in fact, if you put a school of them in your tank, they'll just run around together all day and never bother a soul.

They have the most striking redhead and a gorgeous black and white tail that both stand out across the room. these fishes go well with bettas because they will do their thing while leaving everybody alone


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