Aquascaping Ideas

  • Jan 15, 2022
  • Rita
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Are you thinking of creating an aquascape in your fish tank? If so, you might want some ideas on what to create. If you need some aquascaping inspiration, keep reading. 

What Is Aquascaping?

Aquascaping is the designing of a fish tank by using natural elements such as live plants, rocks, and driftwood in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It is essentially gardening underwater. 

Aquascaping Ideas

Ready to get started on your aquascape? Take a look at the following for some ideas.

  • Mountain Scape

File:Peter Kirwan Mountainscape.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

By Peter Kirwan - File e-mailed to me by the author for the specific purpose of use at Wikipedia, with express permission to license per CC-attr-sa-3.0., CC BY-SA 3.0,

A mountain scape is designed in such a way that it resembles a small mountain. For this scape, you will need rocks as well as a carpeting plant of choice. You will also need good lighting for this type of setup. You can add midwater and topwater fish species to this tank as well as shrimps. Bottom feeders will either hurt themselves on the sharp rocks or mess up your design. 

  • Garden Scape

File:The Enchanted Garden by Shay Fertig.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

By Shay Fertig - File e-mailed to me by the author for the specific purpose of use at Wikipedia, with express permission to license per CC-attr-sa-3.0., CC BY-SA 3.0,

For this kind of aquascape to work for you, you will need a combination of plants. Taller plants should be placed towards the back of the tank with smaller plants in the middle and carpeting plants in the front. To keep the colors of the plants so distinct, you will need to make sure you have good lighting in your plants. Red plants require good light to stay red. 

For this tank, you can either add shrimps, mid or topwater fish. Avoid bottom feeders since they will mess with your design. 

  • Iwagumi Scape

File:Iwagumi Scape.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

By Moritz Holzinger - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Iwagumi aquascapes are the special placement of an uneven number of rocks. You can use 3,5,7 or even more rocks to design this thank with. This type of aquascape is one of the most challenging of all the designs so make sure to read up on it properly before starting. 

  • Sumida Scape

KQ Sumida Aquascape 8 | KoiQuestion | Flickr

Sumida Aquascape by KoiQuestion

This type of aquascape creates a canyon. You will need several large rocks to create the walls of the canyon and some plants to decorate these walls. Make sure to stack them properly so they can’t fall over and smash the tank. Plants can be left to grow out of the water on the highest point of the canyon walls. 

  • Jungle Scape

File:Jungle style aquascape.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

By George Farmer -, CC BY-SA 4.0, 

The jungle aquascape may look like a mess of plants simply dumped into a tank, but I assure you they are all carefully placed. The taller plants will be used as the backdrop with shorter plants in the middle. In the front, you will have carpeting and very small plants. If you choose the variety wisely, you can have an aquascape that resembles taller trees with shorter bushes in between and even grass growing around all of those. 


Now that your imaginative juices are flowing, it’s time to start designing your own aquascape. Remember that most aquascapes need good light to present properly. You will also need to find a way to control algae. 

Happy aquascaping!

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