Animal Planet Show Tanked, just got Tanked

After 15 seasons on Animal Planet, the show Tanked, which is either loved or hated by the hobby has come to an end. Animal Planet claimed that they had decided to cancel the show prior to the recent incident of spousal abuse between the husband-and-wife stars, Wayde and Heather King. Heather assaulted Wayde after a heated argument. You almost wonder if it has anything to with their decision.

The show had 15 seasons behind its belt, you don't make it that far without having some viewership. While I don't claim to be a huge fan of the very scripted reality TV series, but I did enjoy watching some of their Tank builds. I also felt that it was a good show dedicated to the aquarium hobby and hopefully introduced people to a love for aquariums. 

'Acrylic Tank Manufactures' (ATM) the company the show Tanked was about, built custom acrylic tanks for major businesses and celebrities. Some of their tanks were oversized tanks or very custom tanks. A large percentage of their tanks used artificial reefs but they have a few shows that had live reefs in them too. 

'Tanked' is now gone, unless a digital network like Hulu, Amazon or Netflix pick it up which I think would be an opportunity. They could also just keep doing the show on a lower budget and make it a YouTube series. Comment below and let us know if you are going to miss the show or if you are glad it's gone.

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