All About Ember Tetras - Lazy Little Nano Fish

One fish that has skyrocketed in popularity of the last few years in the Ember Tetra. These tiny fishes are ideal for nano tanks and aquascapes as not only are they very small and strikingly colored, but they are also ratherlazy compared to other similar-sized fishes.

They have a delightful sharp pointy shape, large, organized, rimmer eyes, and a blunt snout. Here's everything you need to know about them:

Fish Overview

The Ember Tetras hail from slow-flowing rivers and streams around the western areas of brazil, and their typical habitat is dense, overgrown with tangles of weeds and grasses all around the edges and plenty of fallen generation on the substrate.

All this vegetation is going to reduce the pH, and in the tank, ideally, these fishes want a slightly acidic pH of around six to seven. Temperatures between 21 and 27 degrees Celcius.

They are an adaptable species, though. Don't worry if your pH is a bit high or low.

Tank Setup

In terms of tank size, Embers only need a space that's around 40 by 30 cm. They swim in the middle f the tank and rarely venture toward the surface.

They prefer a well-planted tank that offers both hiding places and open areas to swim in. This is quite an important part of their setup. They don't like swimming in dark places but still want some plants.

They are great schooling fishes and must be kept in a group of six or more. You can also call them dither fishes. Embers catch your attention with their fine colors, but they don't hold it for too long. This gives you the opportunity to look at everything else.

They are tough and can put on a speed turn if they feel the need. They can boisterous fishes like barbs and the smaller cichlids. Embers are perfect community fish as they are hardy fishes. 


Embers are not picky eaters and will happily take frozen food as well as flakes. Just bear in mind their size. Even the smallest micro pellets often take a quite of chewing to get them down. 

If you are keeping them with other stronger fishes, then it's worth making sure that your Embers are getting plenty to eat.


Sexing these fishes is really simple when they are adults. The females are remarkably round, the males are much sleeker. But the flames are very easily distinguishable by their huge round belly. 

They are also easy to breed. But you'll have to remove the parents after spawning, as with most smaller fish, they will eat their fry.

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