African Cichlid Fish Food: Add the Missing Nutrients to Your Favorite Fish Food

Even the best fish food is missing many essential nutrients that your fishes need. These nutrients are lost in the process of commercial fish food. So, we must supplement them and ensure that these guys get everything they need.

This article is about what every commercial food is missing and what we should be supplementing. As good as top-brand fish food, it is still a processed food that loses many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids when produced due to the drying and heating process of the pellets. There's no avoiding it.

This article is about what supplements you can add to your favorite fish food and replace those missing nutrients to enhance your fish's health, color, growth, longevity, and overall happiness.

Feeding Your African Cichlids

So, take your favorite fish food, Cichlid formula, a cup, and the teaspoon you use to serve the food.

You want to ensure that you are fed enough food that gets eaten in one to two minutes; any more than that, you will run into overfeeding problems.

Now, it's time to add supplements:

Garlic Gaurd

Garlic guard is a flavor enhancer for fish food. So, if you have a picky eater, a garlic guard will help them to eat, but there is more to a garlic guard than that.

Garlic contains allicin which has a significant impact on fish health, especially when it comes to fish diseases and parasite resistance. So, ensure that you never run out of Gaurd and never miss a feeding without it.

You can also use pure crushed garlic and get the same benefits.


An essential vitamin that gets destroyed by the processing of commercial fish food is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is by far the most critical vitamin for your fish. Just like with us, Vitamin C helps boost the immune system. In addition, it will help your fish recover from illness and body and fin damage.

You'll see tremendous growth and recovery in your fish just by feeding vitality to your fish once a day.


Like we would take a multivitamin for ourselves every day, your fish, too, need them. A good multivitamin will provide your fish amino acid that is usually missing in generic fish food.

These essential amino acids will ensure healthy fish overall and help in fin regrowth. 


Zooplankton is essentially used in the saltwater reef tank to aid in the growth and coloration of corals. But Zooplankton also boosts natural melanin production, bringing out the fabulous colors of ish that have high pigmentation.

Zooplankton is going to make your fish color pop. 

Next Step

Now that your mix is ready, let it rest for 30-minutes and wait for pellets to soak it up. You'll know when your food is prepared for feeding when almost all the liquid is gone and shots look mushy.

Happy Feeding!

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