7 Terrible Fish for Your Community Aquarium

These are the top 7 fish that don't do well in community tanks. So if you are researching the fish for your community aquarium, read on:

Bala Shark

When you buy these, they are only three inches and look beautiful. However, they get over a foot long and are also schooling fish. So, it would be best if you had a giant school of these fish to thrive and be happy. 

So, unless you plan on keeping these in swimming pools, please do not make the mistake of putting them in small aquariums.

Rosy Barbs

They are insanely beautiful but notorious fin-nippers, and there's a reason for that. A Rosy Barb is an excellent water species when you buy them for your community aquariums. However, when you keep more excellent fish in warm water, they tend to be more aggressive, which will also cause fin-nipping.

However, they will be less nippy if you have them in your aquarium. But in general, Rosy Barb will be a fin-nipper if you have Angelfish or any other fish with long fins.

Chinese Algae Eater

They only eat algae as young fish fry. Once they get older, they turn into carnivores, wreaking havoc on your aquarium and killing whatever they can catch. Also, they get big. Between 6-10 inches. 

If you are looking for something similar, get the Siamese Algae Eater, which does eat algae and is not that aggressive.

Pea Puffer

These little rage machines are very territorial. They are pretty dang aggressive. So, it would be best if you did not put these with anything except yourself. But they do love being in large groups. The more they marrier.

But don't put them in your community tanks because they will shed anything at any time. 

Oscar Fish

These fishes grow huge, eat your plants, and wreak havoc on everything. These fishes get over 16-18 inches, do not buy them for your community tank.

Only keep them as a species only fish. 

Tiger Barb

Tiger Barbs are some of the biggest bullies in the hobby. Even with each other, they can get harras non-stop. So, it's to keep species only tank or with bigger fishes that can stand for themselves.

If you want something similar to these for your community tank, you can go for the Black Ruby Barb. They are super peaceful fish, not a bully, and look fantastic.


Outside of Sengle Bichirs, most of these species get massive. Also, if something fits in their mouth, they will eat it. Therefore, it should not be kept in your community tank, and best be saved for monster fish keepers.

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