7 best plants that your Betta fish will fall in love with

Have you always kept your Betta fish with aquarium decor but now thinking of adding live plants for the first time? Then you are just in the right place. These are the 7 best plants that your Betta fish will fall in love with.

Should you get live plants?

First thing first, if you have never keep live plants before then do know this, It is not for everyone.

The pros are:

  • You are going to have a beautiful piece of nature in your aquarium.
  • Provides enrichment for your Betta fish.
  • Provides cover to your Betta from any tankmates they have.
  • The Best part is they consume the toxin nitrogen compound produces by your Betta fish.

The cons of having a planted aquarium are:

  • The extra effort will be required to keep the plants alive.
  • You have to battle with algae almost all the time.
  • Fake decors also provide enrichment and cover to your Betta for example by using silk plants.

Once you learn how to keep your fish alive, you should take all the challenges of growing plants and keeping your own underwater jungle. Honestly, any plant will probably provide enrichment for your Betta fish, in this list, you will get the best beginner-friendly, low-level requirements, hard to kill plants.


This is the top plant that your Betta fish will surely love, surface plants, specifically floating plants. So anything floating above the tank, Betta just love to rest and sleep amongst the leaves and explore around the roots. Sometimes for the game, you can drop some floating food between the leaves and it is fun to see them hunt around.

Duckweed is the floating plant you would like to start with it is relatively small and hard to remove. You need to start with larger floating plants like

  • Amazon Frogbit
  • Redroot floater

such plants give your Bettas fluffy jungle to explore.

Some tips to growing them include 

  • They are nutrient sponges they will just suck all the nitrogen compounds, so you may need to add some extra fertilizers in the water.
  • They like to be placed in bright light.
  • In general, they do not like heavy current or surface filtration going on.
  • You want to make sure that the floating plants don't cover the entire surface of the tank for enough room for gas exchange to go one so that there is enough oxygen in the tank.


Another type of plants that have left on the surface are

  • Banana plants
  • Dwarf Aquarium lily

Basically, all you have to do is place the little bananas or bob depending upon the top of the surface that you don't want to bury it or put it underneath to rot them inside.

Eventually, it will send these really long stems all the way up to the surface and form lily pads that your betta fish loves to play with.


Other plants that Bettas love are plants with large and wide leaves, plants like

  • Anubias
  • Coffiefollai plants

There is a huge variety of Anubias, here we are talking about the one that has really broad leaves that can grow all the way to the top of the tank, acting as a natural version of those Betta Hammock leaves sold at stores. 

Anubias plants have a thin horizontal trunk on which leaves grow and roots grow above the trunk. The cool thing is you don't need substrate to grow these plants, you can attack the truck using maybe a superglue gel or sowing thread to a rock or driftwood. If you do want to plant it in the substrate just plant the root portion into it and leave the trunk above the surface.

Since these don't need substrate they will feed off the nutrient in the water such as water fertilizer.


These plants are also sold as Betta Bulbs and are same as aquarium Anubias, you just plant that bulb on the substrate don't bury it and very quickly it will sprout roots down below with long leaves above. They come in very unique shapes and textures to the leaves on which your Betta fish can rest on.

Just be aware that some of them can go through seasonal changes where they will loose some of their leaves and can go to hibernation. Just leave it like that and just in few months it will come up and lushious as before.


This is another very easy, low light plant that does not need substrate, it can grow on drift wood or rock. The regular variety of this plant can grow some pretty long and wide leaves but your Betta fish will like to play with it but not much, invetibrates like snails and the catfishes will like to hangout in them.



Plants like Cryptocorynes comes under this category of aquarium plants. Betta fish like to sleep on top of it and sleep below the leaves.

They are very easy to grow. You have to plant these in substrate, but some variety of this plant will be too small for your Betta.


It is another super easy plant that grows on rocks or driftwood. They do feed from water and appreciate liquid fertilizer once in a while.


If you don't feel you are up to tackling live aquarium plants yet, then Pathos is the plant for you. Yes you read it right, Pathos, the same house hold plants that you can easily get from your local nursery. 


You just really need one leave to start. You have to stick the stem part in the water and the leaf plant outside. You will still get all the benefits of live aquarium plant, it will still suck up the nitrogen waste compound, it will still grow its nice long network of roots that your fish can swim in, but you don't have to deal with any of the algae problem that you will typically have to deal with the live aquarium plant.



If you have done some research online for other lists of best plant for Betta fish then you might have heard of  Marimo Moss Ball because it will get alage all over your tank and being beginner you would not want to put yourself into a plant that would create so much problems for you.


This plant is great for sucking up all those nutrients but they do have then tendency to shed their leaves everywhere which can lead a spike into organic rotting away on your aquarium if you don't vacuum them out.


This is a super easy plant to grow, the problem is for those Betta fish keeper who are keeping it in a very small tank. This plant get pretty big so it is probably not a good idea in a long run


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