5 Saltwater Fish You'll Regret Getting

As a reefer, you will home a wide array of fishes in your tank, but not all the purchases will be a good idea. So, here is the list of the top 5 worst fish you can own and why they are bad ideas:


This is one of the most popular fish in the hobby that draws beginners towards the hobby. But the reason this fish is on this list is how restrictive they can be.

Owning a venomous fish can be cool, but in reality, they get huge. Don't move very much. Furthermore, they are incredibly restrictive with regard to other tankmates that they might eat.

Porcupine Pufferfish

Many reefers tend to have problems adding this beautiful fish to their tank. A while after adding the Puffer to the tank, other fishes can start getting sick with what appears to be a stranger version of lateral Lyme disease, where bits of their skin is missing.

This fish will bite chunks out of other fish's skin while they are sleeping and, in the morning, act as if nothing has happened. This might not be true for all the Pufferfishes, but they are known to attach and sometimes even eat tankmates almost the same size as themselves.

Fox-face Rabbitfish

This will be a controversial choice, but these fishes find certain corals irresistible, including Acans and Trachaphilia.

They are more warry than other fish, which means they are less likely to go into a fish-only trap and hand lifting them is problematic given their venomous spikes can easily get tangled.

Coral Beauty

This is another fish that can be amazing in the appropriate tank, but some risks will get you in trouble.

This fish is known to attack your corals. And if you have the tank filled with other peaceful fish and add one coral-eating fish, other fish will follow suit.

You might have to remove all of your Angles at the end. Although they are great fish, their reef safe with caution reputation is something to be seriously considered as once they are in, they are the most challenging fish to catch.

They have the reputation of being one of the more reef-safe Anglesfish, and a Flame Angle is by far a better choice.

Clown Tang

Certain fish have a reputation for being more aggressive than others. However, when it comes to Clown Tangs, they are all just bastards. Usually, with other fishes, the juveniles are more peaceful, and as they grow older, they can become more of a problem.

With Clowntangs, even the very young are happy to shank anything that moves with their tiny tail blades. What makes these fish even more dangerous is they're one of the prettiest fish on offer, which means their beauty and life tempt so many to regret it.


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