5 best bottom dwelling fish for your aquarium

This article will give you the top 5 suggestions for the bottom of your freshwater tank. 

Bolivian Butterly Ram

This fish likes to stay at the bottom section of the tank, but they also want to move around it from time to time. Plus, if you get a pair, you can breed them.

They are great bottom-dwelling cichlids and prefer soft water. A three to four-foot tank works best for these fishes. They will eat almost everything you feed them. 

Kuhli Loach

They look like little water snakes in your tank. The Kuhli Loaches come in beautiful stripe patterns and will stay at the bottom of the tank.

They are super easy to take care of and need little food. These are great options for a community tank.


There are hundreds of different types of Corys. They are great for a 20-gallon tank. These guys will be swift through the sand and gravel in the tank; that's why it's vital to have soft gravel or sand when keeping this fish.

Experiment with feeding these guys worms. They'll also eat other food, but make sure it is sinking to the bottom of the tank.

Bristlenose Pleco

they are great bottom-dwelling fish. But many people don't realize how much waste they can produce. They do need quite a big tank. S, in a 20-gallon tank, keep three at most

They do need specialty food like little algae wafers to feed them because they don't take on flakes that easily. Also, they will not let any algae growth in your tank.


Little cherry shrimps can be a fantastic bottom-dwelling species for your tank. They will go in and amongst plants and can get high in the tank, but they will stay near the bottom for a while. This is because they need to be acclimated slowly in the tank.

However, you can't keep them with bigger fish. So, they go great with Bristlenose pleco, smaller Guppies, little Rasboras, etc.

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