5 Beginner Aqua Scaping Mistakes to Avoid!

In this article, we are talking about the top 5 mistakes new aquascapers make and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Setting Unrealistic Expectations

When they first get into the hobby, many folks decide to get some inspiration from the internet. It's not uncommon to come across genuinely complicated work that you choose to go for. It's a huge mistake.

But just because you cannot build a professional aquascape the first time does not mean you cannot get there with some practice. So, instead, find your inspiration in simple scapes. 

Mistake 2: Cherry Picking Information

In the modern age, when you are first learning a new hobby with a steep learning curve, it is not uncommon to browse different forums, information sources, and videos, and with aquascaping, this can be dangerous. There are many different roads to success, and you can often get very conflicting information.

Instead of cherry-picking information from different sources and finding one that fits your preconceived view, find a creator whose work you admire and feel you can replicate. Centralize the information you are getting and your expertise in the hobby. Then is the time to experiment. 

Mistake 3: Avoiding CO2

To many beginners, CO2 is a scary substance. However, it is a terrible idea to avoid it because plants are mostly composed of carbon. By injecting pressurized CO2 into the aquarium, you can give plants access to a ton of CO2, unlocking your tank's full potential.

Sadly, many avoid it for a long time and have plant issues. Often, the answer is CO2. 

Mistake 4: Underplanting

It can be very daunting to set up your first planted aquarium. There are a lot of expenses involved, and you have to gather lots of knowledge, and often hobbyists splurge on everything. If you don't have enough plant mass in your aquascape, algae will have a significant advantage. 

So, plant as high as your budget allows. The more soil you can cover, the better. This will allow the plant to absorb those excess nutrients and ammonia and prevent algae from soaking it up and taking hold. Additionally, it will give your tank a high-impact look from day one. 

Mistake 5: Avoiding Maintainance and Water Changes

Maintenance and water changes are often seen as a chore. Make it a fun, enjoyable, and zen-like part of your life. Schedule it at a time of the week when you have the excess time. 

Regular maintenance and water changes will give you an advantage in the hobby, and avoiding and dreading them will only hurt your chances of success. Sadly, this causes many aquascapes to get algae, which ultimately leaves them out of the hobby.

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