4 pro-tips to keep your aquarium water crystal clear

Who doesn't loves to have an illusion of your fishes flying in the air? But it is so thought to get that crystal clear water. Well, in this article, you will know how to keep and maintain your aquarium water crystal clear, making your fishes look to float in the air.

Let's first get the basics clear:


This is the essential thing that you need to make sure it is proper in your tank, and it plays a tremendously important role in keeping water clean. What matters the most is your mechanical filtration, not so much of biological filtration in your filtration.

Yes, it would be best if you had biological filtration, but we are not talking about that right now because that is not what helps you get crystal clear water; mechanical filtration does.

The sponges, coarse medium and fine, will grab up all the poop, wasted food, and all other dirt in your water and holder on onto it so that your water comes back out of your filter in the cleanest possible way. 

Water Changes

Another noticeable thing that is important for clean and clear water is water changes. It is work, but maintenance is required for a fish tank if you desire to have crystal clear water.

Now that we have cleared the basic, let hop right onto the pro-tips for that transparent clear water:

1. Feeding

If you are new to fish keeping and have just got a brand new tank, then there are 99% chances you are overfeeding; cut it in half. Whatever newbies feed is way too much than what the fish requires.

The excess food that stays in your tank creates cloudiness. Whatever food your fish does not eat stays on the bottom of your substrate, and that will cloud your water.

There are varieties of food available in the market. Some sink to the bottom of the tank, some float at the top, and some slowly make their way to the bottom. So, whatever type you are feeding based on your fish's requirement, offer the quantity that your fish can finish up before they hit the substrate. 

But if you're adding more food, they will not consume all of it, and your food makes it to the bottom. That's the point you would know that you have fed far more than required.

2. WaveMaker

There are reasons why WaveMaker is essential for clear water in the tank. You know that you have to aerate your fish tank, but a wavemaker knocks two birds with one stone. It will provide you aeration by giving your surface tension, allowing oxygen to enter the tank. But it also helps with crystal clear water.

A wavemaker will become circular in the water in your tank and helps to move the debris and excess waste towards your intake filters. That circulation of water is going to be very beneficial to keep your water crystal clear.

We have to get all the excess waste to your intakes, so your filters can get rid of it. That's where the wavemaker comes into play, along with helping in aeration.

3. Poly-fil

This is something ubiquitous in the fish keeping hobby. Poly-fil is an excellent polyester material that you put in your filter to grab every tiny little particle in your water. It is dirt cheap for the benefits it has, and once it gets full of gunk, all you are going to do is replace it.

Poly-fil is a must-have if you desire to have the illusion of flying fishes in your tank.

4. Sponge filter

You can get a cheap sponge filter. All it takes is an air tube attached to it, no other mechanical parts, no electricity, no power. You need to connect one air pump to one airline right to it, and that is it.

It will give a dual effect. It will provide you with extra mechanical filtration because it soaks up all the residues in your tank, and it is going to soak up all the residues in your tank.

It is also beneficial for biological filtration because the healthy bacteria grow on top of this sponge. Also, any excess food that the sponge filter catches will eventually munch on it, and they will get it out of the water for you.

There you go, practice these tricks and get your long desired crystal clear water in your tank!




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