10 Best Red Aquarium Plants

From the easy peasy to care for to the top covering ability of the red root floater, these are not just your typical aquarium plants. These are the attention grabbers of the aquascaping world with their dramatic rosy foliage; these are the top ten red aquarium plants you can buy:

Ludwigia Natans 'Super Red'

This is the go-to plant for adding color to your freshwater tank. It's a breeze to care for, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned hobbyists.

With a pH range of 6-7 and a preference for medium lighting, it's a low-maintenance beauty. While CO2 injection isn't a must, it is the secret sauce to a healthy plant.

Propagate it with a rooted cutting, and when planted in a group, watch it dance with grace - adding that wow factor to your underwater paradise. 

AR Mini

Extra care is needed for this beauty in red, the Alternanthera Reineckii Mini. Commonly called AR mini, this South American plant is a celebrity in the aquarium hobby.

It's a slow grower, which makes it prone to algae growth on leaves. Keep its water parameters stable, give it some regular maintenance, and voila, you've got yourself a red star ready to shine. 

Alternanthera Reineckii 'Rosanervig'

A mid-ground, elegant red plant, this superstar is ready to steal the spotlight. A beauty for mid-ground in the larger tanks and could be a stunning background for smaller tanks, this glamorous plant with reddish-green leaves and vivid pink veins will definitely stand out in your aquascape.

Rotala TorundiGolia Red

Elevate your aquatic plant game with this easy-to-grow gem that turns your tank into a living canvas, the Rotala TorundiGolia Red. Coming from Southeast Asia, this aquatic plant gives the most dazzling hues when nitrogen is limited in the tank.

It's easy to grow, so you can trim and propagate it without a sweat, which makes it an excellent choice for aquascaping. 

Rotala Macrandra Mini

The Rotala Macrandra Mini is a fast-growing plant that requires intense lighting and correct nutrient balance. It thrives under the right conditions and demands experienced hands. Its preference for limited nitrate and intense lighting requires a careful touch.

Achieving its striking red coloration also calls for acidic, soft water and elevated CO2 levels. 

Red Tiger Lotus

This is the perfect bold beauty for midground as a centerpiece, the Red Tiger Lotus. Embodying the characteristics of both stem and floating plants, it boosts a robust root system in the substrate and flaunts expensive flat leaves on the water surface. 

It's easy to grow when given high-intensity light and a bit of extra CO2 as adequate nutrients for that stunning red color. 

Ludwigia Peruensis

Celebrated for its two shades of leaves, green on top and a deep red beneath each leaf, this aquatic plant is truly a gem. Beyond its aesthetic charm, this plant also provides pretty versatility as it can serve as a background for smaller aquariums or take the ground of mid-ground features in larger tanks.

To grow to its full potential, though, it must have proper lighting and receive enough nutrients. 

Alternanthera Lilacina

It's an enchanting display for deep red stems, and pink-to-red growth makes it a perfect masterpiece crafted by nature. The purple hue on the underside of the leaves gives it a striking visual. 

It's a moderate grower with bright lighting conditions. 

Alternanthera Reineckii 'RoseaFolia Mini'

This little powerhouse brings stems, foliage, and an array of red hues. Transitioning from pink to red and even purple under intense lighting, it's perfectly sized for the mid-ground of most aquariums. Its versatility really shines through. 

But the magic happens when you trim it down it transforms into a luscious red carpet. 

Red Root Floater

Unlike other plants in this list, the red root floater doesn't anchor in the substrate. Instead they gracefully float at the water surface along water lilies.

These beautiful shrilling roots beneath create a charming underwater effect. What sets them apart is their striking red roots, and when bathed in bright light, even their leaves take on a beautiful red shade. 

Care Tips

Growing and nurturing vibrant tank plants involves grasping the fundamentals of plant care. In essence, plants thrive on a foundation of light, water, carbon dioxide, and essential nutrients. However, the need for aquatic plants stretches beyond these basics.

Ensuring optimal growth includes factors such as nutrient-rich substrate, maintaining an appropriate temperature range, meeting specific parameters like water hardness and pH, sustaining healthy water flow, and implementing effective plant spacing and trimming practices. 

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