Sorry Babe I Could Not Help It YOU Left Me Home Alone

Last week my wife and son took a little vacation with my in-laws to the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park. When my wife came back I had to pull her to the side and tell her that I was sorry but she shouldn't have left me home alone. I was lonely and bored... I was truly sorry but while she was gone I did what any other guy would have done while his wife was away.... I order corals. 

FHC (Frag House Corals) had an auction going on and I decided to partake. I had plans on only getting one or two corals with the main one being a Jedi Mintrick Montipora (which I lost for not paying attention) needless to say things quickly got out of control... 14 corals later I decided to back away from the laptop. It's easy to lose control when all of the corals are going for so cheap! 

Now the biggest issue was the fact that I did not have a main display tank to put these corals in yet (long story short we moved and we are building a house so currently only have a 29-gallon cube with frags/mini colonies now, from my past display tank corals). It was time to frag a bunch of corals to make room, I also moved a few corals into my father in-laws tank.

Corals made it in

Everything was perfectly labeled as you can see.

I even got two free corals! Thanks, Brandon!

If you have never ordered from FHC before they have high standards which are well above everyone else's online, I have ordered from a few places online and the way that Brandon packs everything is amazing!

I highly recommend checking out their site:

Also, check out their Facebook group to take part in their auctions Club Fraghouse 

Below are just some of the corals that I received.






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